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Pitmaster Bio

Chef Evan Carl (pictured right) cooks with passion and soul, and that love for food is palpable in the culinary company he keeps. After traveling the country and working with BBQ icons Myron Mixon ("the winningest man in BBQ") and Melissa Cookston ("the winningest woman in BBQ"), he decided to open Evan's Smokehouse. An homage to the great pitmasters who taught him the ways of real southern 'cue. But our chef doesn't just smoke meat for a living. After working for culinary royalties, such as Geoffrey ZakarianJosé AndrésKriss Harvey (top 10 pastry chef in America), M.O.F. pastry chef Stéphane Tréand (voted best pastry chef in France 2004), and Matt Ferreira (Head Butcher Belcampo Meat Co.) it's safe to say Chef Evan has become well versed in the worlds of sweet and savory cuisine.


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